• Jeremy Nakamura

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

People like Rick Froberg, command a dual threat in visual and audio pursuits. He's got a really cool swash-y and confident use of ink, very calligraphic and stylistically dreamlike.

  • Jeremy Nakamura

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

This is an artist whose work I've been sifting through pretty recently. The guy is a creative monster, just overflowing with imaginative visuals. The control of form and texture is mesmerizing and I can't help but think this person's imagination was fueled by some pretty wild psychedelic experiences (no diss to the incredible mind behind this charming work).

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  • Jeremy Nakamura


I've tried tor stay consistent with journalling for personal development, but I'm sometimes a little bit self-deprecating and have too many interests to keep a conversation in a single lane. I was just listening to an interview with the draftsman and educator Marshall Vandruff and he was prompted on the question of how he deals with creative blockage. Aside from the adages of loving what you're doing, he elaborated that he loves pictures, form and if he hadn't developed his drawing/painting would probably be a "DJ" for the medium and sharing it with others. We all have so many heroes & projects that we look up to as beacons of humanity. I find myself awestruck of incredible work that I encounter on a regular basis.

We live in some pretty heavy times and as humans, we've come a long way. We just have to keep the ball moving– so keep spreading goodness, try and empower others and while you have the luxury of doing so, do what you love to do. I'm going to try and consistently curate the things that get me going and make it presentable enough to share with you…

Here I am completely comfortable– nope, not wincing at all